Products & Services


Products and Services

Dedalus Consulting provides clients with the following services:

    • Single-client Consulting: custom research reports structured to meet main company objectives.
    • Market Research Publications: industry reports and analyses to provide your company with a solid foundation on which to build and achieve specific objectives. Each multiclient report contains industry specific breakdowns including the following:
      • Product variety, end-use market players, application breakdowns
      • Geographical breakdowns: Domestic & International by country
      • End-use market data, trends & criteria of product selection
      • Application analysis
      • Competitive products
      • Specifications & standards
      • Pricing
      • Performance comparison
      • Getting products to market
      • Distribution
      • Value-added service providers
      • Identification of players &recent market entrants
      • Conditions of competition
      • Sales by product & marketing strategies and techniques
      • Based on methods such as:
      • Market surveys, moving averages, exponential smoothing, linear regression

A. Market Segmentation

B. Product Potential Analysis

C. Channel Performance

D. Competitive Intelligence

E. Reliable Market Forecasting by Year