Market & Competitive Intelligence Publications

Dive into the world of strategic insights with Dedalus Consulting's market and competitive intelligence publications. Our reports are meticulously crafted to provide comprehensive analyses of target markets, offering valuable data presented in industry-standard breakdowns.

Each multiclient report analyzes target markets by value ($), volume (units) and average selling price ($/unit) and presents data in industry-defined breakdowns such as:

  • Market Data on Production, Import/Export & Consumption Data

    Explore market dynamics through in-depth analyses of production, import/export, and consumption data. Our reports cover various aspects such as product types, regions, distribution channels, end-user industry demand, applications breakdown, and technical specifications. Each multiclient report typically analyzes target markets by value ($), volume (units) and average selling price ($/unit).

    • Product Types and Sub-Types;
    • Country & Region;
    • Production and Consumption;
    • Distribution Channels;
    • End-User Industry Demand;
    • Applications Breakdown; and
    • Technical Specifications, such as power rating, frequency, design, etc.

    Knowing your place within the competitive landscape becomes a cornerstone of strategic planning. Each of our reports analyzes the competitive environment and trends within the industry, and presents individual company profiles and product-based intelligence. Information included within each report includes:

  • Competitive Intelligence

    Our reports delve into supplier sales, market share, distribution channel analysis, supply chain dynamics, mergers and acquisitions activity, competitor profiles, SWOT analyses, product breakdowns, key personnel, and disruptive technological developments.

    • Supplier Sales & Market Share;
    • Distribution Channel Analysis;
    • Supply Chain Analysis;
    • Mergers & Acquisitions Activity;
    • Competitor Profiles;
    • Competitive Analogs;
    • SWOT Analyses;
    • Product Breakdowns;
    • Key Personnel; and
    • Disruptive Technological Developments.

    Interpreting market data correctly comes with a solid background and knowledge of a particular industry. An analyst needs to have extensive experience in both data acquisition and analysis to prepare reliable qualitative conclusions and recommendations. All of our reports offer the following perspectives, plus many more:

  • Qualitative Analysis

    Uncover nuanced market trends and dynamics with qualitative analysis. Our reports offer insights into factors affecting demand, technological developments, geopolitical policies, macroeconomic indicators, supply chain dynamics, marketing strategies, cost analyses, market entry strategies and barriers, end-user criteria for product selection, performance comparisons, pricing analysis, changing regulatory environments, and standards and specifications analysis.

    • Market trends & Dynamics;
    • Factors Affecting Demand;
    • Technology Overview & Developments;
    • Geopolitical Policy Analyses;
    • Macroeconomic Indicators;
    • Supply Chain Analyses;
    • Distribution Channel Analyses;
    • Marketing Strategies & Techniques;
    • Cost Analyses;
    • Market Entry Strategies & Barriers;
    • End-User Criteria for product Selection;
    • Performance Comparisons & Product Analysis;
    • Pricing Analysis;
    • Changing Regulatory Environments; and
    • Standards & Specifications Analysis.