Ulysses DSS Featured

Dedalus Consulting® has established an online quantitative data and qualitative subscription platform – the Ulysses Data Subscription Service ("Ulysses DSS", or "Ulysses") – which will allow clients to access information in a convenient all-encompassing solution. The data presented within this data subscription service will build on the acknowledged expertise of Dedalus Consulting within the markets we cover.

Ulysses builds on our extensive knowledgebase built over twenty years of performing in-depth market and company analyses. With millions of datapoints per product group, Ulysses covers up-to-date, industry driven, specific data while also providing long-range trend analysis due to its coverage of extended historical and forecast periods.

Core Services Offered

Our unique experience offers more than the simple gathering and digesting of available information. It offers:

  • historical and forecast data from 1997 through 2022 in many sectors;
  • up-to-date data and analyses that build on our proprietary 20 year knowledgebase;
  • qualitative analyses such as market trends and factors affecting demand available as text or PDF files;
  • competitive data and producer profiles detailing key company information;
  • inside access to the key players and decision makers within the subject markets;
  • the advantages of having data and analyses that has been tested and refined through extensive review processes;
  • the benefit of our connections to suppliers, OEMs, and end-users within the markets that you are serving or entering; and
  • our guarantee of dedicated customer service.

Quantitative Market & Competitive Intelligence

Each package includes market data including (e.g., production & consumption) on:

  • Product Types and Sub-Types;
  • Region/Country;
  • Applications;
  • End-User Industry;
  • Supplier Sales & Market Share;
  • Distribution Channels; and
  • Special Product Breakdowns (i.e., each product type has unique product breakdowns.)


Subscription Packages

Subscriptions are available in Basic, Standard & Premium packages, as well as a choice of user licenses (See Licenses Here) that allow clients to select options according to intelligence objectives.

Basic Subscription Benefits

  • True On-Demand – our secure online and on-demand portal allows for both workplace and remote access to the data in true 24/7/365 fashion;
  • Accuracy - data is revised quarterly and expanded according to market need;
  • Custom search - the client has the ability to generate custom searches, manipulate data into custom breakdowns by product, region, year, application, end-user industry, and more;
  • Custom reporting - a complete set of output tools including excel, text, graphs and charts allow team members to create dynamic, custom reports;

Standard Subscription Benefits

  • Access to all Basic Package Benefits plus...
  • In-depth technology analyses, overviews and industrial factors affecting demand;
  • Enhanced Client Service sessions for answering questions and project management; and
  • Special Rates on projects that expand on the data and provide even more granular analysis.

Premium Subscription Benefits

  • Access to all Basic & Standard Package Benefits plus...
  • Complete access to historical and forecast data;
  • Competitive profiles of suppliers;
  • Access to support materials and macroeconomic data by country and end-user industry (e.g., industrial indices, GDP, trends by industry);
  • Policy briefs affecting market conditions by country; and
  • Special Rates on projects that expand on the data and provide even more granular analysis.