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Cutting Tools Global Market Analysis 2020 – Four Volume Complete Set

Cutting Tools 2020

Cutting Tools: World Markets, End-Users & Competitors: 2019-2025 Analysis & Forecasts
Complete 4 Volume Set

With over 15 years experience in the cutting tools industry, Dedalus Consulting's intelligence coverage offers the most comprehensive data and analysis available. Our four (4) volume published research report is in its 8th Edition, and our new Ulysses™ data service builds on that history of accumulated knowledge.

The 2020 cutting tools report provides quantitative data and qualitative analysis on the global cutting tools market by country, end-user industry, distribution channels, tool type, application, workpiece material, grade, and competitors. Expanded coverage includes additional end-user industry breakdowns and in-depth producer profiles.

Data and analysis is available for the years 2019 to 2025. The Ulysses™ database contains market data for the years 2004-2025.


Published: June 2020

Summary of Report Contents

The Cutting Tools Published Research Report is divided into four (4) volumes according to subject: market/technology overview, product/application market analysis, end-user industry/country analysis, and competitive environment. Each volume is divided into convenient sections according to breakdown criteria.

The four (4) volume report contains over 775 pages and over 500 charts/graphs.

*Note: Each volume is also sold separately.


Volume 1: Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides a detailed overview of the cutting tools industry for when you only need top-level data and analysis. It provides summary tables in value of consumption by major product types, countries, and end-user industries. It also gives general market trends and factors affecting demand on the summary level.


Volume 2: Global Cutting Tools Industry Analysis By Product

Each section in Volume Two takes a more in-depth look at the global market for cutting tools by application product type (milling, turning, drilling and other — burrs, taps, dies, reamers, etc). Each section provides a detailed breakdown by country, solid/indexable tooling, sub-type, grade and workpiece material.

Over 130 pages. Over 125 tables and charts.


Volume 3: End-User Industry Analysis By Country

Volume 3 analyzes the global market for cutting tools by country and region focusing on end-user markets within each. Each of the 21 individual sections analyzes the market by end-user industry in terms of total consumption value, demand trends, tool type, and application.

Over 350 pages. Over 400 tables and charts.


Volume 4: Competitive Analysis

Over 75 pages. Over 100 tables and charts.


Producer Profiles Add-On Service

Over 100 detailed profiles of cutting tools suppliers.


Product Options & Features

  • Published Report
  • 18-Month Cycle
  • Our long-term experience in preparing and publishing market research reports adds a level of reliability and experience that have become a trademark of our products. Industry-accepted and proven, our standard reports offer powerful insights into the subject markets.
  • Detailed Breakdowns
  • In-Depth Qualitative Analysis
  • 5-Year Forecasts
  • Experienced Analyses
  • Multiple License Options
  • User Defined Output
  • Custom Excel Export
  • Ulysses DSS™
  • Annual Subscription
  • Ulysses DSS™ (Data Subscription Service ) offers the standard features of our published market research reports plus much more. Included within each package is a level of user-driven custom search capability and output functions that make Ulysses a powerful research tool.
  • Custom Search Capability
  • User Defined Output
  • Custom Charts & Graphs
  • Updated and Enhanced Quarterly
  • Historical and Forecast Data
  • Published Report Features & more
  • Pricing Plans to Fit Your Budget
  • Custom Research
  • Client Defined
  • Scope, segmentation and parameters are all defined by the client. Dedalus Consulting has proven experience serving the global manufacturing, financial and academic markets with comprehensive intelligence reports custom-tailored to meet the client's objectives.
  • Client Defined Scope
  • User Specific Segmentation
  • Short & Long-Term Objectives
  • Experience in M&A Due Diligence
  • Market Entry Analysis
  • Sales, Distribution & Marketing
  • Detailed End-User Data